Monday, 14 April 2014

PAPERCUT | Stockholm

If you ever travel to Stockholm, you must, without a doubt, visit Papercut

Situated in Södermalm, this little store is an independent magazine haven. They stock a few mainstream titles, but the rest is a collection of beautifully crafted, graphic heavy masterpieces, which will not fail to seduce your creative imagination.  

It proved a fantastic source of inspiration for my current project for my final dissertation which is focusing on the travel industry. Cereal, Another Escape, Boat magazine were just a few of the stunning travel publications I fell upon, all providing inspiring layouts and image ideas. 

We spent at least an hour in the store trawling over every publication that caught our eye, photographing layouts and making notes, whilst the store owner sat there quietly humming to himself. This was obviously a regular occurrence, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest, as it's an addictive place. 

This was one of my personal favourites... 

Saturday, 18 January 2014


The Wildfox 2014 look book is just making me want to pack up and go travelling already. 
 that bronzed glow, wavy hair and care-free attitude.

Hurry up August! 

listen with Blood Orange

Monday, 13 January 2014


No words really need to accompany these photos... I think the raw beauty and natural occurrence of these magnificent caves speak for themselves. I couldn't quite comprehend the vibrance and abundance of colours that swirl into the rocks and reflect into the water of Capri Island. 

Be sure to take a boat around the island which will allow you to glide into these dramatic caves and experience the turquoise, purple and amber hues which you would never dream to exist outside of your imagination.

Thursday, 9 January 2014


Woke up this morning craving sunshine. Seriously in need of some vitamin D after all this delightful British weather... that and a bit of procrastination from my never ending university dissertation.

So today I'm taking myself back to the peace and tranquility of my summer break in Brac, Croatia.

The island of Brac is the third largest in Croatia, and with its secluded coves, rolling pebble beaches and sensational cuisine, it is not one to be missed. It's population is just under 14,000, which allows you to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere yet also emerge yourself in the quaint villages and towns bursting with Mediterranean life. 
We spent our days there exploring little harbours, admiring the handsome boats and gorging ourselves on the mouth-watering ice-cream. 

Every hour is Happy Hour

We hired a boat for a day to explore the secret coves of Brac island. The gents enjoyed some lesuirely fishing whilst dropping us girls off on the most secluded 50m of white rock around to sunbath to our hearts content.
 It was quite literally, paradise. 

**Required starfishing 

We also managed to find a hidden restaurants in one of the larger coves which was the most fantastic food I think I've ever tasted. 
The name? I have no idea, but i think that is part of the enchanting aspect of the island...these secret places are just waiting to be discovered, so go explore!

To finish are a few photos of our Hideaways Villa. It is only a worthwhile 90 minute transfer from Split airport (which I recommend you take by boat), which takes you to a dreamy, modern villa, with the perfect view to watch the breathtaking Croatian sunsets. 

The END...